Switch Therapeutics

Scientist, Microglial Biology

Reports To: Head of Neuroscience

Classification: Exempt, Full-Time

Job Summary

Switch Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated neuroscientist with graduate and/or postgraduate training in microglial biology to drive the identification and execution of microglial targets for CNS disorders. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable with the evolving microglial landscape, in terms of differential transcriptome and proteome profile (i.e., homeostatic versus human disease associated) to be part of a microglia focused drug discovery campaign.

The role includes leading the microglia drug discovery pipeline with the senior leadership, planning and executing bench work that will generate data to support decision making, and will be collaborative with research team members. The successful candidate must have demonstrated knowledge and experience in studying microglial biology, be familiar with tools, reagents and techniques needed to answer curious questions related to microglia (patho) physiology. This is an in-vitro position: as such, hands on experience in microglial cell culture (mouse primary and human iPSC) and relevant microglial functional assays is a must. The candidate will grow as a microglial point-of-contact for all projects related to microglial CNS pathology.

This role will require full time onsite work at our research facilities in South San Francisco.

The pay range for this position at commencement of employment is expected to be between $110,000 and $125,000 per year; however, base pay offered may vary depending on multiple individualized factors, including market location, job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. The total compensation package for this position may also include other elements, including equity in the Company, a discretionary annual bonus, in addition to a full range of healthcare, financial, and/or other benefits (including 401(k) eligibility and various paid time off benefits, such as vacation, sick time, and parental leave. Details of participation in these benefit plans will be provided if a candidate receives an offer of employment.

If hired, the employee will be in an “at-will position” and the Company reserves the right to modify base salary (as well as any other discretionary payment or compensation program) at any time, including for reasons related to individual performance, Company or individual department/team performance, and market factors.


  • Assist in culture and maintenance of mice and human primary microglia.
  • Network with CROs, collaborators and microglia aficionados to set up a robust microglial screening capability.
  • Execute in-vitro assays with microglia to measure transcriptome changes in baseline and under disease relevant challenges.
  • Generate functional data on microglial endpoints (secreted factors, morphology, migration, proliferation, phagocytosis).
  • Sort microglia from animals after an in-vivo experiment.
  • Notebook entry as per company guidelines is a critical function of the job.
  • Work closely with Chemistry and Bioinformatics teams to coordinate workflows that meet project milestones and timelines.

Required Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in Neuroscience or related discipline.
  • Exclusive knowledge and experience on the role of microglia in health and disease; must have prior experience with human iPSC derived microglial experimental science (graduates/postgraduates from microglia laboratories are encouraged to apply).
  • Up to 2 years of postdoctoral experience is preferred. Candidates finishing their doctoral dissertation within a few months are also encouraged to apply.
  • Technical knowledge and the ability to sort microglia from animals after an in-vivo experiment is preferred.
  • Demonstrated scientific understanding of microglia in CNS pathophysiology (peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations).
  • A desire to bring innovative therapies to patients.
  • Excellent communications, organization, and time management skills and ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

About Switch

Switch Therapeutics is an emerging biotechnology company that is developing RNAi therapies stemming from transformative technologies invented at Caltech, City of Hope, and Harvard Medical School.

The company’s conditionally activated siRNA (CASi) platform integrates RNA nanotechnology with RNA medicinal chemistry to create siRNA pro-drugs that can activate or suppress their own drug activities based on the presence or absence of disease indicating RNA markers in mammalian cells.  This gives CASi based drugs the ability to target specific cells responsible for disease while sparing healthy cells from drug activity. 

Since its founding in Q3 2020, Switch has made significant progress in optimizing its technology for therapeutic applications and has generated highly compelling in vivo validation data demonstrating distribution, potency, and duration of effect that support development for important disease indications. 

The company has recently secured new funding and is gearing up for aggressive growth enabling the next phase of its mission.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to careers@switchthera.com.